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LUXURY GIRL 1992 - Remastered 2009

01. Intuition

02. Soul Kissing Baby

03. Luxury Girl

04. Change of Heart

05. Soul Kissing Baby (reprise)

06. Will I Find a Way?

07. You Can't Always Wait in Vain

All songs by Zootcase

Arranged & produced by Wilmer S. & Zootcase


Zootcase lead vocals, keyboards, piano

Ralf Hesen, Frank Akkerman, Wouter Planeijdt guitars
Dave Sahanaja, Mark Limburg bass

Frits Beumer drums


Robbie van Daal, Martin van der Putte percussion

Martijn Peereboom  hihat on Soul Kissing Baby

Frans van Diemen trumpet

Marc van de Velde tenor sax

Willem Jan Nijhuis alto sax

Mariëtte Bartman flute

Rodney Calis flugelhorn

Aad Behage organ

Marion Reingoud, Ingris Simons, Farida Waal, Arnold Bartman backing vocals, claps

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